Satay Grill Equipment

Written By Chef Daeng

When you are looking to create a Thai or Asian dish from, the typical method is to prepare your food on a grill. This is a great way to quickly and perfectly prepare your meat and vegetables while retaining the flavor that makes satay so noteworthy. Satay Grill Equipment typically works with any grill you have, though a grill with ample cooking area is ideal so you can prepare all parts of your meal simultaneously. While the meat for satay cuisine is often prepared on skewers this is not always the case, and vegetables are often either steamed or cooked over a grill using Satay Grill Equipment.
The first piece of Satay Grill Equipment that you should own is a vegetable steamer. These will go a long way in preparing yet preserving the fresh vegetables you will want to either replace or accompany meat you are preparing. These are most readily available in cooking supply stores or in the home section of larger department stores, but if you are having difficulty you can find them fairly simply online. Typically these baskets cost 40.00 USD, give or take five dollars, and are a great investment if you are trying to expand your pallet. When preparing satay dishes the most important goal is to preserve flavor; Satay Grill Equipment aims to fit this goal, and a proper steam basket will not let any sauces or raw flavor that drips to simply fall into the flames. Look for something either enclosed or with holes only on the top so that the savory nature won’t be lost to the grill.
Beyond that, you might look for Satay Grill Equipment that makes grilling the meat more simple. This is useful if you aren’t using skewers to cook your meat or are cooking large amounts of meat that will be continually loaded on the grill. A grill skillet is wonderful for this purpose as it keeps smaller cuts of meat from falling and keeps juices and sauce that are cooked out of the meat from leaving the grilling process. That way, you can use that flavor either on your vegetable or rice, or to glaze over your meat once it has been placed on skewers. Grill skillets are available for around 20.00 USD, but this can vary somewhat depending on size and metal used to make the skillet.
Grill equipment isn’t too expensive, and can greatly raise the convenience and quality of your satay dish. Since satay meals are often different and healthy from the common American preparations, owning the equipment that makes it simple to make is a great step towards motivating yourself to use it. If you look for a grilling set you can get away with everything you will need for around 50.00 USD, and offer a few tools to make your grilling experience smoother.